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Operation Trackshoes is a sports festival for people with developmental disabilities held in Victoria each year. Living in Northern BC, there are very few opportunities for our developmentally disabled clients to participate in events such as these so when our Society and clients learned about Operation Trackshoes, we wanted to go!

The clients of the Nechako Valley Community Services Society were able to pay for a portion of the expenses but, because of the long distance and high travel costs, we needed to fundraise. The athletes and our care givers held bake sales, a raffle and a bottle drive but we knew we would also need help from local businesses and other community members.

Many of our clients bank with Integris; the staff have always been welcoming, helpful and kind. Because of Integris' long term commitment and generosity to our community, you were one of the first community members we approached. You were immediately enthusiastic, supportive and without hesitation generously donated to our cause.

The 5 day trip was a huge success. All of the clients returned from Operation Trackshoes with their chests covered in ribbons and huge smiles on their faces. One of our clients counts his numerous ribbons with pride each morning. Another recalls that that his caregiver tried to take a picture of him running but he was moving so quickly he was just a blur! Many of the athletes have already expressed a desire to start training for next year and continue to proudly wear their track suit uniforms.

Our Society would like to thank Integris Credit Union for making such a difference in the lives of our clients. Your commitment to our community and our clients is most appreciated!!

Integris Credit Union


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